Bring a smile to

your dog’s face.

Dog Walking

We never walk more than 4 dogs at any one time to ensure full control can be maintained. We NEVER use negative reinforcement and ensure that your dog is well exercised to the breed and individuals requirements.

House Sitting

Please contact us for further information.

Drop-in Visit

If you have a puppy or sick pet, we can provide a drop in service to provide a bathroom break, feeding and, of course, some attention and fusses!

Dog Boarding

Please contact us for further information.

Dog Day Care

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Karas Mum - Candy

I have always loved to be around dogs and decided to take this passion and turn it into my dream job. After working in offices for years, long hours and the headaches that ensued, it was finally time to trade it in for the outdoors and fresh air! It gets tough during the colder months, yes... wind burn is most definitely a thing, but after a hot drink and seeing happy, relaxed and tuckered out dogs, to me it is completely and utterly worth it!

Although there are currently no qualification requirements or regulations regarding dog walking, pet sitting, drop ins etc I have accredited qualifications in the following: 

Canine Behaviour Training

Advanced Dog Training

Puppy Training

Pet Sitting and Dog walking

These courses were or my own peace of mind, ensuring I knew what I was doing when I started this venture to make sure that I provide the best service possible, with up to date scientifically backed methods including reading canine body language, and also to help dog owners feel more at ease knowing there loved on is in safe hands.